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Game Processing

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Game Processing

We take great pride in our business! All big game animals are fully de-boned, custom cut to your specifications and vacuum sealed. We offer a full sausage line, in which the finished product is also vacuum sealed.


Steaks are taken from the hind quarters of the animal. They are vacuum sealed with four per package.


Chops are cut in a butterfly style (this makes them larger). Chops are also called the "back straps" or "loin". The loin (chops) are often confused with the "tenderloin" which is removed from inside of the animal (similar to a fillet mignon on a beef). We leave the tenderloins whole. Many hunters remove the tenderloin prior to dropping their animal off for processing. If you don't know where to find this tasty treat, just ask Rob or Clyde & they'll be happy to show you!


Roasts can come from either the front shoulders or the hind quarters. You will get fewer steaks if you take roasts from the hind quarter. The roasts are also fully de-boned.

Ground Burger

The ground meat comes from the trimmings left over after cutting the steaks, chops & roasts. You can use the trimmings for either ground meat (we can also mix beef or pork in with your burger) or it is also perfect for making sausage. See our list of smoked and fresh products that can be made from your big game meat.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $10 per week freezer storage fee for meat not picked up within 10 days of completion of Animal, unless prior arrangements have been made for pick up. Thank you in in advance for picking up items in a timely manner to avoid causing freezer shortage. After 30 days we cannot be held responsible for your items (meat, antlers, capes, etc.) Any Venison or other game may be refused or disposed of by Hursh Meat Processing if it is unfit for use.